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Automotive Interior mould

JMT MOULD CO.,LTD has developed the automotive Interior moulds for international automotive OEM brands. We offer car Interior molding with excellent quality and short delivery.

For Interior mold tooling, high precision is very important.Such as door trims products have high requirements on the appearance. We also make dashboard mould, door inner panel mould, AB boss mould.

Usually, door trim will be requested for texture. On the product, it can not appear welding line, ejector white mark, shrinkage mark, and deformation. And we JMT MOULD have rich experience in making these moulds,we know how to make the best design for them.And below is the regular specification for car door trim mould.

Auto Side Door Trim mould characteristic:

Steel Types: Cavity - 2738

 Core - 2311

Slides - 2738 + Nitrided

Mould Base -S50C

Injection System: Synventive Nozzles

Ejection System: Hydraulic cylinders (European Vega brand)

Surface Finishing: moldtech texture

Mould Cycle Time: 46s

Mould Delivery: 95days

If you need more information regarding auto side trim injection mold, please feel free to contact us. 

Automotive Interior mould Case Show

JMT mould is the best choice when you are looking for the automotive interior mould manufacturer because of its high-end tooling equipments, strict precision controlling and optimal exterior injection mould design.



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