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Welcome to JMT Plastic Mould Co., which has 15 years experience for making mold. JMT employs approximately 100 employees, we are specialized in Chair mould (including child chair ,office chair ,outside chair , beach chair mold and coffee chair )with arm and armless. Our molds are high quality with reasonable price .

Now please allow me to introduce how to make chair mould:

 Firstly, we need to scan the original sample;

 Secondly, make chair design on the computer;

 Thirdly, after get the confirm from customer ,JMT will begin to make chair mold design .Chair mould design also will send to client for confirm then make mould process . At the same time, JMT sales manager will send mould process report each week so that customer will clear about the situation of the mould . 


Fourthly, when the mould finished, there are 3 times for mould test .
A. T0 is for JMT company, we will check the mould by ourselves, If there is any problem we will modify by ourselves.
B. T1 is for customer, if you don’t have time to check directly, please don’t worry, JMT will send mould test video and mould report for you. According to the feedback from customer we will modify the mould, it normally need 10 days, Then JMT will send sample again to customer for check, after we have received the confirm from customer, we will prepare to ship mould.
C. The last mold test happens when we are sure it can work when it arrived at customer’s country.

Lastly, mould’s surface will be oiled and then be wrapped by plastic film, at last, put it in the wooden case. JMT will supply one year of after service.

So JMT is the wisest choice of you. Give one chance to JMT will give you all the service .Welcome to send injection chair mold inquiry and visit our company!

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JMT is specialized in Chair mould (including child chair ,office chair ,outside chair ,beach chair and coffee chair )with arm and armless. Our molds are high quality with reasonable price.



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