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Electric box mould

 JMT mould specializes in designing and making home applicance mould, such as electric box mould. From 2002 unti today, JMT mould has had many great achievements in plastic molud development and manufacturing. Today JMT mould has over two hundred and thirty workers, including a mold design team of over 40 engineers. As everyone know,to electric box mould,a good design is the heart, and therefore, we pay close attention to mold core components (like mould structure, part cooling and movement mechanism etc) to ensure high quality molds at a minimum cycle. All electric box molds are meticulously designed to achieve highefficiency, high precision and long life.

JMT mould equipped with professional Electric box mould production equipment from 160 t to 1500 t, applicable to different structure and size of each type of product. At present our products cover many areas, including various types of distribution box meter box, transformers, ring network cabinet outdoor box, high and low voltage insulation accessories, circuit breaker, building materials, decorative wall plate and rail transit products.The company has with many domestic and international famous enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation. 

And sometimes the electric box are SMC molded, its sealed performance is good, can effectively protect the enclosed electrical components on the safe use of junction box of advanced lock design, can prevent damage and theft, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and service life of the shell can reach more than 30 years.

Relying on the perfect management system, professional and technical personnel, rapid and effective field management, ensure mold, product quality and delivery to meet customer requirements, to customer satisfaction.

Electric box mould Case Show

    JMT mould is the one of the mould manufacturer is located in Huangyan taihzhou which is have 17 years of making plastic injection mould!JMT mould is concentrate on making plastic electric box mould and box mould!If you have any new project to open the mould pls change JMT mould.JMT mould will give you the best services.



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