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Sanitary series mould

Taizhou Huangyan JMT Mould Co.,Ltd(JMT MOULD)is a leading mold producer for SMC (BMC/GMT mould )mould Sanitary Series mould (Sink mould ,Door skin mould, shower base,SMC bath tub mould ) .

JMT MOULD in Taizhou ,zhejiang province .15 years for make compression mould (SMC moulds, BMC moulds, GMT moulds ) with 233 employees.

Our main products is sanitary series mould include SMC Sink mould ,Door skin mould ,Shower base mould and Bath tub mould .


JMT has a complete source for custom molding and molding design services and provides best service. No matter what mould it is,complex or simple , your projects will get the full attention in JMT . Starting from the drawing board to the completion of finished parts, we will meet or exceed your expectations.

On time’s mould delivery and good quality of the mould ,Mirror polish on the mould surface ,quickly feedback with customer that is why more and more customer choose JMT.

Long time for make SMC/BMC/GMT mould. Fit ,finish and function must be nothing short of excellent  .

Sanitary series mould Case Show

    Taizhou Huangyan JMT Mould Co.,Ltd which have 15 years experience for design process and make compression mould ,with 233 employees.specialized in Sink mould ,Door skin mould ,Shower (wash )base mould ,smc tray mould ,Bath tub mould



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