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Sep 17.2021

Hello September

September, is pleasant, autumn wind blowing, falling leaves flying.

September, is the harvest, sorghum red face, rice bending waist

All good, are doomed to quietly come in this season.

People are no exception, with efforts, will slowly meet with the excellent themselves.


Matters needing attention

A rain of a cold Enter the autumn, the southward cold air meet with gradual attenuation of moist air, precipitation time and time again, the temperature has dropped again and again Autumn is a variety of respiratory diseases and infectious disease incidence season, completes the prevention is very important This month is just the value of school season, in addition to the prevention of COVID - 19, the children also note prevention such as viral gastroenteritis Avian flu, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases Tips: Pay attention to the prevention of autumn dryness, adequate hydration diet to light and warm, eat more sesame, walnut, glutinous rice and other food.


The spirit of JMT is always alive

The hot summer fades, autumn comes early this year, but the cool autumn wind still blows the enthusiasm of Jinmatai people, because we have a positive and energetic staff team. In this autumn day, all jinmatai people gather together, passing wisdom, happiness, courage and confidence to each other.



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