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Nov 18.2022

JMT Mould | Continuous Improvement Of Mould Quality

In an era when quality molds have become mainstream and production methods with parallel attitudes and concepts are highly sought after. Gematai works with customers to develop and insight production details, as well as for their own spiritual world insistence.

As far as the customer is concerned, because the unprofessionalism of the mold will cause great loss, so in this fast-paced world, Gematite pursues the responsibility of the customer, increasing the efficiency of the customer, reducing the loss of the customer, and improving the quality of the customer's products.

We uphold the policy of putting quality in the first place, establish a sound quality management system, control every detail of the mold, and implement quality consciousness into the heart of every employee.

Once upon a time there were good and bad molds, now there are only better and better.

Since this week, Gematite will strengthen the special rectification of mold quality, and all departments will conduct self-inspection while actively cooperating with the quality department, unite and cooperate to improve the quality of molds together.

With steel, tough mold, recast the hope of life, new life, become a symbol of quality mold, and irreplaceable emotional belongings.

Keeping an eye on details, controlling quality, casting moulds with sincerity, facing customers with sincerity. Jinmatai is always moving forward!



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