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Oct 14.2021

JMT - Mold master's day

About the team leader-our imagination

In imagination, the mold master should be a rough and bold person

Being casual, the body is always full of strength

But in fact, there are still some differences between the real mold master and the public stereotype.

Next, let us enter Master Zheng’s day together

Feel the charm of the mold master alone



Some people are still dreaming. Some people have already arrived at the company.

When you see Master Zheng, he is already checking the details of mold manufacturing with the designer.

Confirm with the team members first, and then go to the field to measure in person. Accurate data inspection is a high standard and strict requirement for oneself.

After finishing one set, he immediately went to supervise the production of another set of molds. He said: "In the workshop, we have to worry about everything, regardless of the big or small things."

The traces between his eyebrows are engraved with his dedication to the mold, and only by calming down can a good mold be made.

Spent in the busy morning, take a short break at noon, and continue to struggle in the afternoon.


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