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Sep 1.2021

JMT Best Partners

Zhang Huili, He Xianjian respectively in 2007 and 2009 into JMT, two people choose this industry opportunity is also very similar, think mold is the mainstream of Huangyan manufacturing. Ever asked two people in JMT have let oneself touched things, two people looked at each other with a smile, the past is all yesterday. Instead of being moved, we should sum up our experience and move on to create a better JMT. Here dribs and drabs can not use one or two words to express, can only say that all the way with JMT grow up.

They also have similar hobbies, such as sports and travel, which they say have a great effect on relaxing themselves.  Two people evaluation each other is also very friendly, He Xianjian said Zhang Huili positive initiative, full of vitality and sunshine.  Zhang huili said that He xianjian is a serious and responsible person who has solidarity and progress with his colleagues in daily life. Both of them are loyal and emotional, benevolent and righteous people, with the spirit of JMT fit.

In the eyes of leaders, they are active and active; Meticulous, meticulous; Time-sensitive, creative and responsible; They cooperate with each other very well. They have been partners for more than ten years since they entered the factory. While working conscientiously in their own jobs, they also attach great importance to personal growth. I have made great progress in my work and achieved rapid development. I can study professional knowledge in my spare time and improve my working ability. High understanding, hard work, hard-working, in the new role model. At the same time, they have been awarded the title of excellent team leader, outstanding team and senior fitter for many years.



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