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Jun 12.2020

JMT Mold Factory Fire Drill

What is the most precious thing in the world? There is no doubt that it is human life! Throughout the fire accidents that have claimed countless lives, many are caused by weak fire safety awareness and violation of fire safety operation regulations.

In order to enhance the safety and fire prevention awareness of enterprise personnel, let everyone further understand and master the handling process of fire and other emergencies, and the coordination and cooperation in the process of dealing with emergencies, on June 10, Taizhou Huangyan JMT Mould Co., Ltd. launched a fire protection Safety exercises.

As the fire smoke bombs ignited, the instructor directed the evacuation. In accordance with the posture taught by the instructor, everyone covered their mouths and noses to avoid "dense smoke" and quickly and orderly evacuated.

After arriving at the designated meeting point, the instructor will explain the fire extinguisher, the use of fire hydrants, fire fighting knowledge of different types of fire extinguishing methods and fire escapes, and demonstrate the correct use of fire extinguishers. They will guide you how to use fire extinguishers for fire extinguishment. Mastering the essentials of firefighting, everyone stepped forward to exercise.

Through this fire drill, not only the employees' fire fighting knowledge and escape skills were improved, but also the emergency management personnel's ability to respond quickly, coordinate operations, and handle emergency incidents was achieved. Overall, the expected goals of the drill were achieved. In response to the problems in this exercise, the following work should be done in the future: Continuously strengthen the training of employees' fire knowledge, improve employees' awareness of fire safety, and let every employee realize the importance of fire safety.



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