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Sep 27.2021

Look for the beauty of JMT

About JMT    Like and love to say endless

Chapter 1 Blue Sky

JMT West gate

The vast sky was in full view

The sky was clear and clear

The crisscross of blue and white is the most beautiful scene in the morning

Chapter 2 Sunshine
Sunlight filtered through the skylight
In the corridor of JMT
Can capture the transformation of light and shadow
The shift in light and shade always surprises people

Chapter 3 Reception Desk
JMT exclusive logo
"Jin" is job requirements, "Ma" is work attitude, and "Tai" is work personality
JMT escape from the fantasy of mold down to earth to do every mold
The plaque on the wall is a symbol of honor and recognition from all walks of life
It is also the driving force for continuous progress

Chapter 4 Office
The office is always busy
The computer's fluorescent light lit up every earnest face
Among them, the green ornament is a blooming flower
A green leaf stretches a relaxed world.

Chapter 5 Workshop
The hammering of machines
Built the main keynote of the workshop
The skylight is just
A warm and comfortable warmth
Dissipate the weariness of the whole body

Chapter 6 People
In any corner of JMT
Can capture employees who are working hard
They are focused and serious

Chapter 7 Sunset
End of the day
West Gate just in time to see the sun setting
The sunset glow was accompanied by the setting sun
Spread all over the sky magnificent scene

Chapter 8 Four Seasons
The changing seasons are always in the light
Four seasons change JMT always stick to their own path
Do a good job of each mold from time to time



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