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Feb 12.2022

JMT | Start of construction is good for red envelopes

Start and set sail

On February 7, JMT started work


Auspicious start of Vientiane New

A bright future

A year of hard work and busyness is gone

We welcome the start of construction of JMT with a new look

JMT is here to wish all customers in the new year

All works well

The cause of the tiger is prosperous

New year, new atmosphere, start of construction and give gifts

New year new weather

JMT Tate sends red envelopes to employees

Say goodbye to the "Spring Festival Syndrome" and return to the "living tiger" state

A new journey has started a new year

Let's "tiger" fully

Go confidently


On February 7th, we officially resumed work

The plan of the year lies in the spring, the beginning of the new year

We will be more enthusiastic

More solid work style More effective measures

Put your heart and soul into your work

Complete all tasks for the new year

Get started, get started!



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