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Mar 2.2022

JMT | The cold wave is over and spring is coming

Spring is always exciting

The moment when all things are born, all the cold has meaning

Green represents new life, hope and infinity

Spring is waiting for you

Time flies, the grass grows and the warbler flies, and before you know it, February will leave. Although reluctant, but also helpless. What should go will go, and what should come will eventually come, just like spring. No matter how arrogant the cold wind is, it can't stop the grass from turning green, the germination of willow trees, and the blooming of hundreds of flowers.

At the moment of hope and new life, and the recovery of all things, JMT has also set a goal for this year.

February is undoubtedly an unforgettable day in our lives.

We have not only experienced the lively Spring Festival, Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival, but also experienced the test of getting together and being apart, leaving a deep impression on our lives and enriching our memories.

March is a beautiful day, when everything is green and flowers are in full bloom, carrying countless hopes and dreams

Just like JMT, he is constantly forging ahead and climbing the peak. This year's goal of JMT is to strictly control the quality of production. Strengthen operation standardization, standardization, and unified training.

At the same time, we adhere to the company's corporate culture

Brand positioning: high-end injection mold bench marking enterprise

Brand vision: to become the world's leading one-stop intelligent mold manufacturing leader

Brand mission: always insist on making good products that move people's hearts and prices are kind

Values: Customer First, Teamwork, Embrace Change

Talent concept: integrity, passion, dedication, empathy

Finally, let us take off the thick cotton-padded clothes and the shackles of our minds, and welcome the arrival of spring with a positive and optimistic attitude, go to a spring date, integrate with nature, go out for a walk, Watch the flowers bloom, watch the babbling of the stream, let go of yourself, let go of your mood, and at the same time take active actions, cherish every minute, study and work earnestly, and strive to create extraordinary achievements in their ordinary positions.

Live up to the spring, live up to the years, live up to yourself



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