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Apr 9.2020

We can provide you with Meltblown non-woven dies

We can provide you with Meltblown non-woven dies


Product Description

Coat hanger flow channel is designed according to the raw material characteristics(viscosity, temperature, flow rate)

Finished polishing degree of die cavity: 0.01um-0.06um

Finished polishing degree of drawn yarn board's holes walls: 0.03um-0.04um,using hot oil circulating temperature control that cartridge heater to make internal heating or heating plate to make external heating Suitable for PET,PBT,PA,PP,PE,PTFE,PS,EMA,EVA,TPU, carbon fiber and other materials.

Technical Features

Conventional die models 1.1M-1.6M, can also be customized according to customer's specific requirements.

Melt blown head(spinneret) in diameter 0.2mm-0.3mm, central moment of spinneret hole between 0.7-0.8mm.

Apply to processing temperature below 350 degree, carbon fiber 330-350 degree,PP,PET under 300 degree.

Suitable for production 30-50KG/Hour in general, production below 80KG/Hour under special requirements, can also be configured according to production line capacity.

• Special streamlined flow channels are customized and optimized by computer simulation based on different raw materials to obtain continuous and unobstructed flow surfaces;

• Designed with replaceable spinnerets and compression spinneret hole and flow channel structure to ensure stable flow and uniform  spinning;

• The air outlet is equipped with an adjustable air-flow control device to achieve prompt adjustment of the air flow at certain area;

• All surfaces are plated with hard chrome; with 12.9 high-strength bolts as fasteners; the heating rods made of high-quality stainless steel are subject to zone-controlling of heating temperature ;

• Customizable insulation devices are available to effectively reduce the heat loss and minimize the production cost;

• The combined die with simple structure is easy to disassemble and clean;


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