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Mar 18.2022

JMT | Epidemic is not over, protection is not relaxed

Novel Corona virus Pneumonia Epidemic Situation

As of 10:00 on March 14, there were 5,943 new cases of new corona virus pneumonia nationwide.

During epidemic prevention

The cunning Omicron has attacked from all sides, and almost all the first-tier cities have been recruited, and many small and medium-sized cities are also finding infected people one after another.

The epidemic prevention headquarters in various places quickly took epidemic prevention measures, strengthened closed-loop management, scientific and precise prevention and control, and resolutely adhered to the bottom line of epidemic prevention.

JMT in action

In response to the call of the provincial, municipal and district headquarters, Jinmatai implemented epidemic prevention work. Extensive publicity of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, timely dissemination of epidemic prevention and control trends, and practical delivery of epidemic prevention and control knowledge to company members to form a strong joint force against the epidemic.

Carry out epidemic prevention knowledge training

Strengthen the prevention and control of imported goods

JMT has set up storage points for imported goods. When unloading the goods, strictly do a good job in the protection of the people who unload the goods; carry out nucleic acid sampling work after the goods are unloaded; carry out comprehensive disinfection work on the site; carry out comprehensive tracing work on the goods.

Unite together to overcome the difficulties

There is not a winter insurmountable, and there is not a spring that will not come.

Only when the people of the whole country are twisted together and actively fight the epidemic can the spring blossoms bloom.

Believe that that day is already waiting for us in the not-too-distant future.



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