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Automotive exterior mould

TAIZHOU HUANGYAN JMT MOULD CO.,LTD is the best choice when you are now looking for the plastic injection automotive exterior mould, since its high tooling equipments, strict precision controlling and optimal exterior mould design.

We JMT have rich experien in making car exterior molds,including: bumper mold, grill mould , fender mould,wheel cover mould, etc. Regarding exterior mould design, we also have rich experience mold designers who are specialized in designing plastic automotive parts, especially grill mould. It is well known that air flow plays an important effect on the success or failure of a exterior mould design. With the UG mold designer software, our designers seriously calculate the air input and air output to design the grille mold according each customer special requirements and UG software will help designer to easily make mold design and find problem so that it will improve the mold design quality and reasonability. In addition, we also could offer you a mold flow analysis. Take advantage of the high technical software, our exterior mould was popular with reasonable mould design structure among customers.

Besides, we have a complete exterior mould project management system. Each mold project has a project manager who is following each processing and takes photos of mold status for customers. Before shipment, our project manager will arrange mold test and also take video for customer. Customer also welcomes to watch the mold test in our company.


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