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Air cooler mold

JMT is located in huangyan, known as "the town of mold", specializing in manufacturing household appliance molds.  

1) Mould structure design 

Professional designers provide you with reasonably designed mould to shorten cycle hours.

Reducing unnecessary procedure improves efficiency. 

2) Mould cooling system 

According to the structural characteristics of the product and the appearance of the product , We design a reasonable form of gate for mould, such as a large gate, hidden gate, fan gate, needle gate, pin point gate etc., a reasonable channel of runner design make mold temperature balance in the shortest time to improve mould precision and productivity.

3) Accessory for mould

Slide, guide pin, guide sleeve, lifter blocks and so on are taken by wear-resistant standard parts, to ensure the mould life.

4) Deal with mould

 Quenching the mold, heat treatment to improve the hardness, then Nitriding temperature is lower , the mold will no longer need to quench mold with high surface hard

JMT with "quality first, reputation first" for the purpose of advanced design, novel structure, high precision good materials, long service life, mold manufacturing cycle is short and other characteristics, for merchants products to occupy the market as soon as possible to get time guarantee, won the trust of the majority of customers.  

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