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Bumper mould

For Bumper Mould,our have advantages in: 

1. We have Special Product Deparment to optimize the structure of bumper;  

2. Well-experience bumper project team are capable to analyse and give the solution for the difficult and complicated bumper.  

3. Professional bumper design team who have plenty of experience and analyse and solve the prolem from the view of client.  

4. A group of powerful mould assembling technician who have more than 10 years team fight working experience which prevent problems effectively.

5. Strict quality Inspecition and Control Team who make sure the moulds will meet the delivery requirement before shipment. 

Following is the bumper mould information, for your reference...

1. Plastic real bumper mould/front bumper mould with stripper plate to make automatic ejection.Customized designs are accepted

2.Mould steel P20 German or Customized

3.Steel hardness HRC 28 to 33

4.Injection system: hot runner

5.Ejector system ,ejector pin

6.Mould lifespan:300000~500000 times

8.Good steel with high hardness

9.Good polish with high brightness

10.Good machining with high precision

Bumper mould Case Show

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