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Crate mould

JMT mould company is professional in making crate mould. We make around 80 sets of turnover box mould during 14 years. We offer high quality crates all over the world, like bottle crate mould, fruit crate mould, bread crate mould,  thinwall crate mould, foldable crate mould and so on.


For crate mould, each customer wants to have the one has longer life with high speed performance. Normally, we will add BECU for the sliders to reduce cycle time, what is more, our design and engineer team have their idea of how to make the cycle time as fast as possible. The way of design, and experience of making this kind of mould effects a lot.

From the mould steel, use which type mould steel is very important.Normally, we use P20 mould steel and 45 mould base, sometimes 718 mould steel is also used. For mould structure, stripper plate can let crate drop automatic, but cylinders may need hand to take the crate.

We help customer decrease the crate weight by reduced the thickness. In order to keep the crate load weight, we add radius on the bottom and inner ribs of the crate side and other bearing parts.


Mostly, 4-6 points of hot runner required, as some will use recycle plastic material, big injection gate hot runner is normally used.


Crate mould Case Show

If you are interested , if you pay attention to quality, long life, high speed and want to find a mould maker who can cooperate for a long time, pls kindly contact with me.

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