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Drawer Mould

We customize the drawer moulds according our client’s requirements. And we are focus on the quality, service and team of the drawer injection mold project :


-High quality is our foundation and motive. We have the strict manufacturing process and management regulations to control each drawer mold’s quality.


-Excellent service let you feel relieved and trustful. we have perfect pre-sales service, on-sales service, after-sales service, each plastic drawer mould project we have a special and unique project engineer & sale engineer to follow though all the process of the project.


-Strong team support the technology and communication. we make the drawer injection moulds based on your own requirement, and according this, our team will give you the best solution and advice to ensure the drawer mold project goes on smoothly.


And as yet, we have made various types of the drawer mould: From small housewares drawers to big size plastic drawers, these are both our strength. And for the customer distribution: we have clients from America, Germany, England, Spain,Mexico, Korea and so on.

Welcome to JMT Mould to customize your plastic drawer injection mold! 


Drawer Mould Case Show

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