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Fower pot mould

Plastic products have been widely used in industry, agriculture and daily life. Plastic flowerpots have become common daily necessities in our daily life. Its development needs advanced and efficient mold design and manufacturing technology as a support. The innovation of plastic flowerpot mold design will be the focus and difficulty of the mold industry.JMT MOULD has a professional team for household division.We have much experience in flower pot mould product. Welcome to contact us.

Following is the Flower Pot Mould information for your reference.

1.Mould steel: P20/718/2737/S136 etc.

2.Mold base: LKM or JMT standard

3.Cavity: Single/multi

4.Injection system: hot runner/cold runner

5.Mold life:>500K  shots

6.Good polish with high brightness

7.Good machining with high precision

8.Good after- sale service

9.Fast & optimal cooling system design 

Fower pot mould Case Show

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