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Instrument panel mould

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JMT is a professional Automobile instrument panel plastic Injection mold maker as well as other automotive plastic moulds.

1.The size of the mold base is reasonable.

2.Fully consider cooling. The water line must be applied as much as possible, meanwhile the large diameter is a must.

3 The location of injection gate. Generally auto door panel mold have more than 3 injection points, and melt line is easy to appear at the two point meeting area.

4.Safe and reasonable to ejecting system. Since the mold of the car door panel has a large number of lifter and ejector, it is necessary to avoid flashes caused by small errors in moulding process.

5.Reasonable departing line, convenient for processing and assembly.

6.In the processing of the car door panel with the speaker mesh, pay attention to the air exhaust.

7.Due to the large size of auto door mold, it is necessary to gradually control all aspects in the production and assembly to ensure the quality of auto door mould. 

Instrument panel mould Case Show

JMT Mould have rich experience of makingInstrument panel mould, we have both hardware and software condition to ensure our mould quality,We have professional design team and worker team .we will provide the best mold to you .which can pass the E mark .

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