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Lotion pump mould

Welcome to visit our company.JMT MOULD would be your best supplier and professional consultant for you buying or making mouds and moldings in China.We are experienced in all of the mold's knowledge and their specific technologies.

All of lotion pump mold parts are manufactured by CNC equipment. Independent cooling system of each cavity to ensure the size consistency, temperature-control box included, Standard interchangeable mold components, Send samples to customers for inspection. Our workers are fully qualified and skilled at using modern production techniques. Computerized CNC (Computer Numeric Coordinates) Systems (CAD/CAM) produce new molds with money-saving speed and accuracy. We employ a wide range of manual, automatic and computerized equipment in making moulds.

Following is  the Lotion Pump Mould information for your reference.

1.Plastic material: PP

2.Mould material: S136

3.Mold base: P20

4.No. Of Cavities: Multi-cavity lotion pump mould design and tooling ability

5.Injection gate: hot runner

6.Mould life:>500K shots

7.High speed injection cycle time

8.Fast & optimal cooling system design for lotion pump mould.

9.Moldmax material application in mould core & cavity

10. Fast & optimal cooling system design for lotion pump mould

Lotion pump mould Case Show

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