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Refrigerator mould

JMT mould is specialized in producing all plastic Refrigerator molds. Like refrigerator plate mold, under the door shell forming technology and die, refrigerator tray molds, refrigerator clasp hands injection molds, etc. JMT professional designers for customers to provide the design drawing, molding process analysis and the selection of equipment, as well as the mold size calculation and checking of some main parameters, the cavity number and distribution, parting surface and core cavity, gating system, cooling system, launch institutions and reset mechanism, draft, exhaust system, the design of side core-pulling mechanism, put forward the reasonable plan, design a kind of double technoloy demoulding mechanism, solves the plastic hangers part demoulding difficult technical problem. JMT mould wholeheartedly for the customer to solve all problems.

Introduce the fridge mold details:

Name of the mould Refrigerator mould

Mold material of 45 #, 50 #, P20, H13, 718, 2738 NAK80 S316, etc

Mould standard DEM, HASCO

Port YODU hot runner or according to customer requirements

Plastic material is PP, PE, PVC, PS, PC, ABS, AS, etc

Can be OEM According to the customer request

60 days from shipment date

Company profile

Company is specialized in freezer mold development of plastic mold manufacturing, can make the different needs of mold products according to customer's requirements, including car bumper, inside and outside decoration, instrument desk, home appliance mould, commodity mould, glass fiber reinforced plastic mold, zinc aluminum alloy mold, die-casting mold and so on big small and medium-sized mold. Organization sound, scientific management and quality policy, credit first, service first, welcome domestic and foreign customers to patronize!


1. Mold can produce all kinds of plastic products.

2. Can rapid prototyping.

3. Safe and fast delivery.

4. Quantity, good quality and reasonable price.

5. Support OEM.

6. The high quality service.

7. Customer requirements identified and welcome customer's design.

8. We have rich experience in mold production design and strict management system.

9. Provide the best after-sales service

Refrigerator mould Case Show

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