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Spoon mould

Plastic Cutlery Mould is the key for fast food suppliers to open the profit door. We can offer plastic fork mould such as 32cavity, 64cavity and stacking 48+48cavity for plastic spoon moulds. Plastic spoon mould can run with cycle time of 5 seconds. The solution of plastic cutlery mould is not only because the good steel, good hot runner system and valve gate system for each key point of thin wall cutlery, but also a reasonable design in the plastic spoon, plastic knife and fork design.Welcome to contact us and discuss the details. 

Following is  the  Spoon Mould information for your reference.

1.Mould steel: P20/718/2737/S136 etc.

2.Mold base: LKM or JMT standard.

3.Cavity: Multi.

4.Injection system: hot runner/cold runner.

5.Mold life:500K-2million.

6.Good polish with high brightness.

7.Good machining with high precision.

8.Good after- sale service.

9.Fast & optimal cooling system design 

Spoon mould Case Show

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