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Stool mould

JMT MOULD  also specializes in the production of plastic stool mold.We invite you to customize high quality and efficiently plastic stool molds.Pls send us samples or 2D/3D drawings for the  quotation.Cooling system: Optimize the design of the circulation flow, improve production efficiency, reduce your costs. 

Following is  the Stool Mould information for your reference.

1.Mould steel: P20/718/2737/S136 etc.

2.Mold base: LKM or JMT standard.

3.Cavity: Single.

4.Injection system: hot runner/cold runner.

5.Mold life: >500K shots.

6.Good polish with high brightness.

7.Good machining with high precision.

8.Good after- sale service.

9.Fast & optimal cooling system design 

Stool mould Case Show

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