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Aug 19.2022

JMT's Excellent Mould Artisans

Hu Yaobo started to enter the mold industry since 2009, and has been devoted to the research of automotive injection mold, and successively achieved the "automobile plating decorative strip mold based on the pre-deformation control technology of section shape", "automobile air conditioner pattern plate mold with pre-deformation control of track slot ", "Auto air conditioner lower casing injection mold with tunnel slider anti-receding mechanism", "Auto water tank mold with lateral release of water injection port thread", "SMC large air intake grille heat-set molding mold for commercial vehicles", and "SMC water tank mold with lateral release of water injection port thread. He has five utility model patents, such as "Heat-set molding mold for air intake grille".

He is the leader of the team because of his steady and steady work, his skillfulness and his persistence in craftsmanship. In the team, everyone is willing to affectionately call him "Mr. Hu".

He Xianjian is committed to the development and research of automobile air conditioning mold, 14 years in the industry, has been working intensely in their own jobs, is a typical figure of Jin Matai mold master teacher with apprentices.

Over the years, from getting used to this industry to liking this industry, he teaches the technology of pliers, and also teaches the craftsman spirit of the old generation - to stick to the heart, to improve and seek new, to discard the noise in the face of impetuous atmosphere, to always have the heart of a child, to be happy and moved by creation and concentration. Those who have graduated under him have all become excellent mold masters.

Zhang Lingzhou has entered the mold manufacturing industry since 2014, focusing on ultra-precision processing of automotive interior parts and two-color automotive air conditioning dampers, starting from 2019 until 2021 these three years after our continuous processing trials and adjustments in ultra-precision processing. In this area of turntable type two-color air conditioning air dampers injection mold has achieved greater success , the precision of the parts can reach ± 0.015mm.

At the same time, he kept honing his skills and won the third prize in the "2019 Huangyan District Machinery and Mould Industry Vocational Skills Competition CNC Automatic Programming Competition" and the "2020 Huangyan District Mould Worker Vocational Skills Competition First Prize".

He is at peace with his ignorance and persistence in true knowledge. It is the artisan spirit that belongs to him.

Huili Zhang has been in the mold industry since 2009, and has been dedicated to the optimization and improvement of automotive molds. After more than ten years of careful research, he has made great achievements in auto interior and exterior trim and auto air conditioner moulds. In the three years from 2019 to 2021, he has won the "turntable type two-color auto air conditioner air door injection mould", "cavity reversing release mechanism for auto water bottle injection mould", "mould with The "Automotive interior trim parts mold with built-in waterway mechanism for tunnel core extraction", "Automotive center mesh precision injection mold with curved sheath top slider linkage demolding mechanism", "auxiliary block inclined top large angle core extraction mechanism for automotive hood injection mold" and other five utility model patents.

He was awarded the second prize of "2019 Huangyan District Machinery and Mould Industry Vocational Skills Competition for Mold Puncher", the honorary title of "Huangyan District Excellent Technician" in June 2019, the title of "Excellent Mold Craftsman" by Zhejiang Industrial Mold Association in October 2019. "In October 2019, he was awarded the title of "Excellent Mold Craftsman" by Zhejiang Industrial Mold Association.

In the company, Zhang Huili's work area is the whole company, he does not have a fixed office, he said "the workshop is our mold artisan's territory, we must have a constant source of innovation in addition to mastering excellent technology in our own field". In his body, all of them reflect the spirit of patience, concentration, rigor, meticulousness and excellence.

The craftsman is not proud of himself, but of his work. Passionate, responsible attitude, quality-oriented, detail-oriented sentiment, cast the craftsman's transparent craftsmanship. With practice and time to spread to every industry, spread to every corner, affecting every person.