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Dec 4.2018

The development problems of plastic mould industry

Our plastic injection mold development depends on on the development of the plastics industry.Plastic products want to develop, along with the inevitable requirement of plastic mold development. In recent years, automobiles, home appliances, office supplies, industrial appliances, building materials, electronic communications and other plastic are running so rapid, therefore,plastic mold industry growing too.

The main existing problems through exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad will gradually get a better solution through the joint efforts of the whole industry and joint support from all quarters, China’s plastic mold industry still exists several problems if its development want to catch the foreign advanced level.

1.Unbalanced development and lower overall product level. Although some of the plastic mold company’s products have reached a very high level that closing to international standards, but overall, precision mold cavity surface roughness, the production cycle, life expectancy and other indicators comparing foreign advanced level there is a more than 10 years gap.

2.Backward technology and equipment, poor organization and coordination. Although some enterprises have more advanced technology and equipment level through technological innovation. But most companies are still relatively backward technology and equipment. More important is our corporate organization and coordination, it is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources very well, so it is also difficult to undertake large projects.

3.Most plastic mould enterprise development capacity is weak. On one hand, the low proportion of technical personnel and the level of technical staff is not high enough. On the other hand there is less research and development investment, more important is the idea behind the development is neglected.​​​​​​

4.Management problem is much more than technological backwardness. Technological backwardness is often easy to see, but it is difficult to realize the management problem. The gap between domestic and abroad plastic mold companies is very obvious especially in management.

5. The development of production were unable to keep up with market demands, It’s hard to resolve the contradiction between supply and demand, the supply situation will continue for some time, especially in the High-end products.​​​​​​